Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ichabod vs. Ichabod, Film vs. Classic Literature

The original Legend of Sleepy Hollow was published in 1820 by American author Washington Irving, the story is one of the most well known works of classic american literature. The story itself is one of the most famous horror stories in the world, set in an early settlement in New York knows as sleepy hollow. The main character followed in the story is Ichabod Crane, a "awkward, lanky, schoolteacher" the story tells of both his courtship of Katrina Van Tassel, which leads to a mysterious figure, the so called headless horsemen consuming Ichabod's life. The story leaves mystery as to who the mysterious horsemen truly was this is part of the intrigue as, like many other early horror stories it leaves much of the details to be decided and thought about by the reader. The movie on the other hand features Jonny Depp as Ichabod, who rather then a school teacher is, in this case a detective sent to investigate murders in the small town. The similarities of the book and movie essentially end with the names of the characters and the idea of a headless horsemen. The role of the horsemen in fact is completely different in the movie as it adds an extra dimension of a mysterious murderer being controlled by an external force (the stepmother) this although entertaining is an obvious dissent from the original story.

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